Start a new yearly tradition: Celebrate Back to School with St-Regis

The days are getting shorter and shorter; the night air has a crisp breeze to it. That can only mean one thing: back to school is around the corner. It’s a time filled with many mixed emotions; children are anxious to see who their new teachers will be and parents are relieved that their little […]

Two delicious alcohol-free cocktails!

A big Thank You to Quebec blogger Le Carnet de MC for her kind words about our St.Regis wines, Royal Kir and Brut, as well as the two delicious mocktail recipes concocted by Fanny Gauthier. Click here to read the article. (available in French only).

Summer Popsicles made from De-alcoholized Wine!

Summer is in full swing and finding a good way to cool off can sometimes be tricky. Of course you can enjoy our cooled St. Regis wines, on their own or in a cocktail, or… You can turn them into a great refreshing summer snack. Making St. Regis popsicles is easy, fast and with a […]