2018: The year you take control

Have you already started to feel the different energy of this New Year? It’s no coincidence – according to numerologists 2018 is a Master number year. A Master number year is one where we as individuals and as a collective expand and evolve both in our personal lives and as a society as a whole. It’s therefore not by chance that the main trend in both lifestyle and food is simplicity and a regaining of control on our lives.

Whether it be minimalism in our homes or plant-based foods in our kitchens – living a curated life seems to be where the future is headed. It is therefore no surprise that people are taking stock in which substances they are being controlled by whether it be junk food, caffeine or alcohol – the major players that most people must come face to face with at some point in their lives.

Many of us associate a casual drink with relaxation, however what some of us don’t realize is how quickly a once in a while habit can become a controlling and life-consuming addiction. By taking stock of your alcohol consumption and investing in a balanced lifestyle by introducing dealcoholized wines you are affirming your self-worth and regaining control.

In every lifestyle magazine you read these days they are speckled with articles on mocktails, alcohol-free challenges, and dry bars. It is therefore no surprise that sobriety challenges are on the rise in 2018. There’s no need to follow the trends calendar and stick to one month in particular to be good to yourself and take a short break from alcohol. Just pick up a couple bottles of St.Regis and slowly dial down your own alcohol consumption all the while keeping up your favorite evening routine of a glass of wine.

Even on special occasions, you can create some amazing mocktails with either the St.Regis bubbly or the line of dealcolized wines. Make the first few months of 2018 count and start some healthy habits that your body and your mind will thank you for in the long term.