Anytime is the right time for some bubbly!

There’s no need to hold off enjoying that great sparkling wine for a milestone birthday or the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, anytime is the right time for some sparkling wine (formal attire is strictly optional). May we suggest popping that cork and indulging in a well-deserved bubbly treat after a challenging workday?

Is sparkling wine good for you?

No side orders of guilt here, enjoyed in moderation sparkling wines may actually have some health benefits! Studies have shown that regularly consuming a glass or two of bubbly can decrease one’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

But what about my diet?

Whether you’re strictly watching your weight or simply trying to keep your calorie count in check to fully take advantage of your weekend cheat day, you’ll be happy to hear that our sparkling wines have significantly fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts!

It’s the perfect little “pick-me-up”!

Whether you’ve slogged through a particularly rough day or just got up on the wrong side of the bed, did you know that savouring a glass of sparkling wine can increase the production of melatonin and actually improve your mood?

Party of one? No problem!
If you’ve been reluctant to pop open a bottle solo in fear of wasting half the contents, rest assured there are plenty of affordable champagne bottle stoppers available to keep your bubbly from going flat so you can treat yourself again tomorrow.

It’s never the wrong time to spark some joy and celebrate the little things that make each day special and unique, no matter what kind of day you’ve had, so break out the bubbly, you deserve it! Cheers!