A Baby Shower for Maman Caféine and two of her fans

It’s not every day that you get to host a Baby Shower for three young expecting and deserving mothers. So when Maman Caféine announced her fourth pregnancy, and especially the gender of the baby, the opportunity had to be seized!

On March 26th, we welcomed 150 guests at the Mont Blanc Banquet Hall in Laval, Quebec, in honour of Maman Caféine, precious brand ambassador to St.Regis and the most influential blogger in Quebec among young mothers and mothers-to-be, and two of her fans. Over 1,200 young mothers signed up to the contest “Votre Shower de Bébé avec Maman Caféine” for the chance to share this special day and to receive the ultimate star treatment. The lucky winners: Jannie Paquette and Véronique Jetté.

The event was glamorous, girly, colourful, epitomizing Maman Caféine’s style and charm. Filled with emotions, laughter, presents and surprises, the event was a huge success, especially thanks to our generous partners and sponsors:

  • Panda Shoes: Their mascot Panpan entertained the children, made them dance and giggle;
  • Ferland Photo, the event’s official photographer, who captures thousands of precious moments; Take a look! 
  • Our mixologists from the Montreal bar L’Gros Luxe concocted 4 delicious mocktails allowing us to cheers in style;
  • Orchid Expression indulged our sweet tooth with a superb and decadent sweet table;
  • Marilyn Mahotière, Casa d’Eramo and Lelili for the magical decor;
  • Marc-Antoine Montpetit, our hilarious MC;
  • A big Thank You to Véronique Charbonneau, Institut Décoiffe, and Belly Bédaine for pampering our guests of honour with hair, makeup and a new dress!

Shower de Bébé de Maman Caféine

Among the sponsors allowing us to shower our three mothers with over 5,000$ worth of gifts:
Panda Shoes, Clément, Rose ou Bleu, Deux par Deux, Bébé Dépôt Plus, Douce Maman Joliette, and Belly Bedaine Boutiques, Laisser-vous mouler, Gazouillis et Babillages, Bulle de Douceur, Les produits de Maya, Pow Wow and many more.

St.Regis would like to thank once again its partners and sponsors, and congratulate the three mothers on the new addition to their family!

The success of the event and the pleasure the St.Regis team had in planning it strongly suggests that it won’t be the last edition of the contest Votre Shower de Bébé. Stay tuned; the next mother-to-be of honour could be you 😉

Take a look at the photo album. 

Shower de Bébé Maman CaféineShower de Bébé Maman Caféine