08.04.2022 By Vins St-Regis

Gender and name of first OD baby revealed with St. Regis!

Andréanne and Carl - with a C - are undoubtedly one of Quebec's favorite couples to have formed during the Occupation Double Chez nous edition in 2020.

They are also the first duo created on the reality show to become parents! It was on September 26, 2021 that Andréanne initially shared the news on her Instagram account and when we learned that she was a lover of our de-alcoholized sparkling wines, we saw a great opportunity to collaborate with the lovers in order to make the announcement of the sex of their little treasure memorable.

It was while enjoying a glass of Secco that Andréanne and Carle revealed to Quebecers on December 7, 2021 not only the sex of OD's very first baby, but also its name! Since April 4, the two OD lovebirds have become parents. Let's raise our Mocktail and wish them a lot of happiness and love in their new life with their little boy! Welcome to the real life of Chad with a C!

On April 4th, the two OD lovebirds officially became parents. Let's raise a glass and wish them a lot of happiness and love with their little boy!

Welcome Chad...with a C!