How to get your favorite St. Regis cocktails ready for Halloween!

The weather is getting colder, people are dressing warmer and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes is in the air. That can only mean one thing: Halloween is upon us! However, you like to celebrate: with friends, trick or treating with your kids or just staying home watching scary movies, it’s always fun to give your everyday favorite things a Halloween twist! Here’s how to put a spooky spin on some St. Regis cocktails.

Witch's Brew

Witch’s Brew (Lush)

• 1 oz of strawberry purée
• ¾ oz of simple syrup
• ½ oz of lime juice
• 4 oz of St. Regis non-alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon
• 7-Up
• Black food coloring

1) In a glass, mix the strawberry purée, the simple syrup, the lime juice and the red wine.
2) Add some drops of food coloring until the drink is black enough.
3) Add ice.
4) Top with 7-up
5) If necessary add more black food coloring.

The Crazy Eye

The Crazy Eye (Presque Mexico)

Ingredients for a pitcher:
• 33 oz St.Regis non-alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon
• 8.5 oz of lime juice
• 4 oz of agave syrup (or brown sugar syrup)
• 25 oz of grapefruit soda

• Peeled and pitted lychees
• Blueberries
• Orange slices

1) In the pitcher, pour in all the ingredients.
2) Place the blueberries in the lychees and secure in place with a toothpick.
3) Put the lychee eyeballs and orange slices in the pitcher.

The Friendly Ghost

The Friendly Ghost (the St. Basil)

• ¾ oz of lime juice
• ½ oz of orgeat syrup
• 3 oz of St.Regis non-alcoholic Chardonnay

• Dry ice*
• Fake spiders or other creepy candy (worms, fingers, eyeballs…)

1) In a shaker, add all the ingredients and shake well.
2) Pour the mix into a glass with ice.
3) Take a very small piece of dry ice and drop it in the drink. If you purchased food-grade chips, you’ll need two or three for each glass. The dry ice will sink to the bottom of the glass and stay there, preventing the drinker from consuming it before the smoke effect subsides.
4) Garnish with the fake spiders and candy.

Before you get started with your dry ice drink, take a minute to get up to speed on proper safety precautions. Because dry ice is so cold, it can cause major damage, like frostbite, if it comes in direct contact with your skin. Be sure to use tongs to place it in your drink. Also, remember that dry ice is used only for its visual and cooling effects, and the tablets themselves are not meant to be consumed. When you purchase dry ice, it will be pre-packaged in a special container; store it there until you’re ready to use it.