Navigate the holidays with St.Regis

Every year around this time you pour over recipe after recipe, painstakingly planning the menu you will serve your guests come the holidays. The decorations and table settings have to be just so, and even the music playlist is specially curated by you. Have you given any thought to your drinking strategy during the holidays? Probably not. During the holidays we become so absorbed by everything else going on that we often forget to pay attention to ourselves. Don’t fret, your friends at St.Regis HAVE thought of you and we’ve created this little guide to help you navigate through the holidays without burning yourself out.

1- Get enough sleep!
Although it’s tempting to burn the midnight oil wrapping last minute gifts and binge watching holiday cookie baking competitions it’s very important that you give your body the rest it deserves. You’ll need every extra minute of shut eye your body can get – especially with all the marathon holiday shopping and gourmet meals you’ll be cooking over the next few weeks. We recommend aiming for a good solid 8 hours per night.

2- Take little moments for yourself
Whether it be watching your all-time favorite holiday movie accompanied by a glass of St.Regis Cabernet Sauvignon or having a lovely bubble bath lit by the dancing flames of candles and a tall flute of St.Regis Brut in hand – the key is to not forget yourself in all of the holiday hoopla. Taking these little moments for yourself will relax both your body and your mind.

3- Have a strategy for your drinks
Heading into holiday territory without a plan for your drink is a plan for disaster. Just as you would plan your route when driving in a busy city, think of all the festivities of the holidays in the same way. Know which get-togethers you’ll be attending and when so that you plan your alcohol consumption this year instead of making your liver hate you.

Here’s our strategy for successfully celebrating the holidays in style, all the while keeping your best interests in mind:

Hosting a Holiday Cocktail party – serve your guests the refreshing flavors of the “Il etait une fois l’hiver” mocktail

Holiday supper with friends – bring a bottle of St.Regis Cabernet Sauvignon

Christmas eve – you can relax and enjoy the “Saint Basil” mocktail knowing that you won’t have the slightest hangover tomorrow morning when your kids wake you up in the wee hours of the morning to tear open their presents!

Christmas morning – St.Regis Holiday Mimosas with breakfast – a true celebratory staple that won’t slow you down the rest of the day
Directions: Fill champagne flutes ½ full with chilled St.Regis Brut and top with orange juice

Christmas evening – As you wind down from the day filled with wonderful family memories that will last a lifetime you can treat yourself with a “The Sparkling Grenade” mocktail – a little something special that you won’t pay the price for tomorrow morning.

By following our plan to get you through the holidays you’ll come out of it feeling and looking great without compromising taste, style or any of those memories you’ve made with your loved ones. That’s the beauty of dealcoholized wines and dealcoholized sparkling wines – you CAN have it all! Happy holidays from your friends at St.Regis!