How to plan the perfect staycation with St.Regis

Summertime is synonymous with vacations and road trips – but if those things are just not in your cards this year do not fret! St.Regis is here to help you plan an unforgettable staycation that will leave you relaxed, glowing and refreshed by the time you go back to your 9 to 5!

The key to an enjoyable experience is planning! Follow our countdown to vacay planner so you can take advantage of every moment of your holiday.

Two weeks before:

Book a massage at home
Do your research to find and book a massage therapist to comes to your home! Do this two weeks before to make sure you’re not scrambling to book an appointment at the last minute. There is nothing like having a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home.

Stock up on St.Regis
Make sure you have a well-stocked wine cellar with a variety of St.Regis wines to mix yourself some delicious cocktails and for the occasional glass by the pool. Did you know you can purchase St.Regis wines by the case online? Premium Near Beer lets you order 6 or 12 bottles at a time – one less thing to think of, let the St.Regis be delivered to your doorstep!

Research some new restaurants
A staycation is a great opportunity to try new things! Ask your friends and acquaintances for recommendations of new restaurants to try out. Do your own research and venture into the unknown a little – that is what is exciting about vacationing to a foreign country, tasting new flavor combinations and learning about different cuisines.

One day before:

Have your house cleaned
In our universe, washing floors and scrubbing bathtubs is no way to spend a vacation. The temptation to be productive during time off can be overpowering for some so make sure all the nooks and crannies of your vacation pad have been cleaned by a professional so all you have to do is relax!

Stock up for summer reading
A day before your vacation begins stop by your favorite book store and stock up on some new bestsellers for your summer reading. If you are not a big reader get yourself a couple of magazines so you’re not tempted to get lost in your digital devices while relaxing poolside.

Once vacation has begun:

Ditch the routine
Even for creatures of habit it is a good idea to try to deviate from your usual plan – get up earlier or later. Push laundry day back a few days, and have your groceries delivered. Your only job while on your staycation is to relax, enjoy yourself and invest in your happiness.

Get outside
Most of us spend our days indoors breathing air-conditioned air and the only sunlight we see are through far off office windows. Take advantage of your days off to replenish your body’s vitamin D reserves and clean out those lungs. Whether it is spending a day at a local beach, lounging by the pool or going for a brisk hike in the woods make sure you get outside – both the sun and fresh air will help immensely with boosting your mood, your immune system and helping you to relax.