Planning a girls weekend getaway with St.Regis

Do you catch yourself daydreaming about disappearing from your day-to-day responsibilities? Does the idea of being on a desert island sound appealing? You might be due for some R&R to get over the end-of-winter-blahs. If a trip down south is not in your budget, may we suggest planning a local girl’s getaway with just a few of your closest girl friends thanks to St.Regis!

Stay close to home

No need to travel far to get the full benefits – why spend hours and hours or unnecessary money on far off towns. Simply check what options are available to you in your local city center to book a suite and share the cost with your best girl buds.

Bring the spa to you

In-hotel spa services are nice but nothing feels as luxurious as having all the pampering done in the comfort of your hotel room. There are many mobile spa companies or individual estheticians for hire who can come to your room for mani-pedis, massages, and facials.

Relax with bubbly, responsibly.

What would a girls’ getaway be without some fun bubbles to drink? Make sure to pack some champagne flutes and some St.Regis Nosecco to make the occasion special without taking home a hangover. Remember the purpose of this getaway is to recharge and relax! If you are in the mood to channel your inner mixologist, bring some cocktail mixing equipment and the necessary ingredients to create some delicious mocktails using any of the St.Regis dealcoholized wines!

Room-service please!

If your group is feeling up for a night on the town, a visit to some swanky restaurant hot-spot might be in order for dinner but if you are all in the mood to sit back with face masks and yoga pants why not take advantage of the hotel’s room service or local food delivery services.

Some time away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives could be just the trick to get you back on track. Enjoy your girls’ getaway and check out our cocktails section for some inspiration to enjoy with the girls.