How to put together the perfect Mother’s Day gift basket with St.Regis

Mother’s day is synonymous with all the cliché gifts like chocolate, flowers or jewelry, and some Moms are in to that sort of thing. We are big fans of gift baskets for holidays like Mother’s Day because you can really customize them to the individual you are creating them for. What’s especially touching about receiving a gift basket made just for you is that every item in it was chosen specifically with you in mind. Below we’ll guide you through 3 different kinds of Mother’s Day gift baskets that you can create according to the preferences of your one of a kind mother.

To begin, you’ll want to hit up your local craft store and pick up a nice big basket. Grab one that Mom can reuse somewhere in the house so choose the style of basket wisely according to her home’s colour scheme. Along with a basket you’ll need some filler, be it paper shreds or some crumpled up tissue paper. Select a colour that goes with the scheme of the items you’ll be filling it with. Lastly, you’ll want to make this basket extra special with the finishing touches of some cellophane to wrap it up in and a nice big bow – again in keeping with the colour theme you’ve established.

Shopping list (The Basics):

1 nice big basket
Bag of filler straw or tissue paper
1 roll of cellophane
1 big bow or ribbon

The Total Relaxation Basket

If your Mom is looking frazzled and tired lately – this is the basket for her. It’s a total relaxation basket filled with everything she needs to take a load off and have a nice long soak in a tub filled with the pampering scents of lavender and the bath bomb, while enjoying an elegant glass of St.Regis Kir. A vanilla scented candle and an online music gift card will help her create a serene scene for total ‘me time’.

Shopping list:

St.Regis Kir
1 champagne flute
2 bath bombs
1 vanilla scented candle
1 bunch of dried lavender
1 online music gift card

The Mom’s Night In Basket

Is your Mom a movie lover who never gets to indulge? She will adore this basket filled with a classy cinematic experience! She can snuggle up under her throw, kick back and enjoy a chilled glass of St.Regis Chardonnay as she savors the decadent treat of truffle oil, Parmesan and pink Himalayan  salt garnished popcorn while watching a movie online. A lovely treat for a mother who thinks rarely of herself.

Shopping list:

St.Regis Chardonnay
1 white wine glass
1 online movie gift card
1 luxurious throw
1 bag of gourmet popcorn (unbuttered)
1 bottle truffle oil
1 small slice of parmesan cheese
1 microplane grater
1 bottle of pink Himalayan  salt

The Spring Brunch for Mom Basket

This basket is a sure way to her heart. Let her enjoy a fizzy alcohol-free mimosa as she smells the gentle aroma of her little flower pot before zipping out to a peaceful brunch at her favorite restaurant by herself (or if you’re lucky she’ll invite you to come along!). You can feel extra proud that your Mom will be in top shape to drive to her brunch because all St.Regis wines and bubbles are alcohol free without compromising the taste.

Shopping list:

St.Regis Brut
1 single serve bottle orange juice
1 champagne flute
1 gift certificate to her favorite brunch restaurant
1 pot of flowers such as daisies or miniature roses