Rosé is here to stay


You might be familiar with the crisp pink wine formerly known as “Summer Water”, but did you know that rosé is not only just for summer anymore; it’s experienced an unprecedented popularity and explosive growth in 2017. If you’ve been having a hard time finding your favorite rosé on shelves this summer, it’s because everyone and anyone is sipping the sweet pink drink this year. Glasses are being poured earlier than the usual start of summer and well past Labour Day. Increases in rosé sales have even begun to surpass increases in beer sales, making it one of the most powerful forces right now in the beverage industry.

In France people drink rosé more than white wine and it’s also enjoyed year round. At home in North-America, we used to pop our last bottle of rosé just before we’d put away our white pants, marking the end of the season. But trends are changing and rosé is here to stay – all year long. Although the crisp notes of the pink are reminiscent of an alfresco experience, it needs not only be enjoyed outdoors on summer evenings.

The key to a perfect rosé pairing is to marry it with brash flavours like salty, slightly spicy, and of course garlic. Some delicious combinations are prosciutto & melon, toasts with tapenade, tomato salads, olives, grilled vegetables and of course anything with aioli. The lovely pink drink is also delicious with sliced peaches or cut up strawberries.

Now you don’t have to blush when you bring out your favorite wine in another season other than summer, you can raise your glass to being on trend and enjoying it year round.

Our St. Regis Shiraz Rosé at less than 0.5% alcohol content can be enjoyed guilt-free all year round, at any time of day or night. The complex dealcoholisation process preserves its medium nose which exudes a blend of fruity aromas including cassis, strawberry, and melon. A light-bodied that delivers a lively acidity and a well-rounded palate. It pairs perfectly with BBQ dishes, ethnic fare as well as pork. The St. Regis Shiraz Rosé is also excellent as an aperitif.