How to throw the perfect Pre-Prom party for your graduates

Are you celebrating the stunning accomplishment of graduation for your teens? Feeling a mix of overwhelmed emotions? Dont know where to begin? St.Regis is here to guide you into hosting a fabulous event your kids will be proud to invite their friends to.

We all know the focus in your kid’s minds is the Prom itself so we will not try to outdo the big event. This is just a casual but fun get together that you can throw to allow some of the young graduates to prepare the last finishing touches before their big night and help out with any last minute mishaps.

Music, maestro!
Get your child involved with this one; ask them for a suitable digital playlist to set the party mood. Nothing gets people revved up for a big event like the right tracks.

You, to the rescue!

Did someone’s updo not turn out or got messed up? Here is a fast and easy up-do how-to so you can be someone’s hero in a moment of panic:

Can’t figure out how to tie a necktie? We have you covered; here is a step by step for those nervous teenage hands who are fumbling around to look their best:

Once everyone is finally ready, to really make it a special occasion and make them feel very grown up – surprise your guests by taking out the good champagne flutes and popping a chilled bottle of St.Regis Brut. It has the same delightful taste as sparking wine, with all the pomp and circumstance but without any of the alcohol so your grads can celebrate responsibly.

Now sit back, and relax.

After the photos have been taken and the last limo whisks your not so little ones off to their big event it’s now your turn to fill your glass once more and give yourself a toast for raising such a brilliant young adult. Now it is time to sit back, relax and celebrate YOU because you deserve it. Cheers!