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All non-alcoholic wines in the St. Regis family have a quality pedigree, starting with the finest grapes from some of Europe’s most sought-after vineyards. Made by our master vintners, St. Regis de-alcoholized wines are fermented and aged, just like traditional wines, until the perfect balance of texture and aroma is achieved. The alcohol is then delicately removed through a state-of-the-art vacuum distillation process which keeps the wine’s integrity intact, allowing it to retain its original bouquet, character, colour, and flavour. Our adherence to Old World winemaking techniques is what sets St. Regis wines apart, resulting in a premium product all the way from grapes to glass – without the alcohol.

St.Regis sparkling wines for occasions and any day!

Our de-alcoholized sparkling wines are as perfect on your most important occasions as they are any day of the week when you want to celebrate the everyday. No need to save our bubbles for a special occasion because you can enjoy the crisp taste responsibly, without fear of a hangover the following day.

Our bubbles are the perfect option for morning mimosas over brunch, adding a little sparkle to an afternoon mocktail or with dinner pairing wonderfully with poultry, fish or any white meat. We are proponents of celebrating the everyday moments, and with St.Regis de-alcoholized sparkling wines you can, anytime!