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Are You Sober Curious?

The term “sober curious” was coined by author Ruby Warrington in her book Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Deep Connection, and Limitless Presence Awaiting Us All On The Other Side of Alcohol. Warrington points out that most people’s view of alcohol consumption can be all-or-nothing: either you drink, or you are sober; either you have a problem-free relationship with alcohol or battle alcoholism. The reality is that a broad spectrum exists between the two extremes, and the “sober curious” movement aims to shed light on that grey area. Being sober curious can mean many things: from questioning the regular habits you’ve come to take for granted, to making a choice to avoid drinking in certain situations, or severing ties with alcohol altogether. For many, being sober curious requires an honest appraisal of long-held beliefs around alcohol, such as the reliance on “liquid courage” and its role in celebration, relaxation and tradition. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there is no downside to taking a step back to reassess and find what works best for you, free of labels or judgement.

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The great news for anyone wanting to take a break from alcohol is that there’s no need to sacrifice your social life to do so. Mocktail bars are popping up in cities worldwide and traditional bars are adding non-alcoholic options to their menus, every bit as delicious and thoughtfully crafted as their classic libations. The non-alcoholic (or no-proof, or spirit-free) space is booming and there is no shortage of inviting and Instagramable options.

London’s multi-location Redemption asks, “why should socializing always be at the expense of your health?” Brooklyn’s Getaway Bar simply puts forth the invitation “Don’t drink with us!” And Montreal’s Mindful Bar touts itself as “the first zero regrets bar” with “a commitment to promoting alcohol-free fun.” Their non-alcoholic cocktail menu is truly inspired, combining fresh herbs, tonics, teas and syrups into concoctions leaps and bounds beyond your basic Shirley Temple. Sorry, not sorry, Shirley!

Not particularly motivated to go out? We don’t blame you. Braving sub-zero temperatures can be infinitely less appealing than a cozy night in and chances are your friends and loved ones are looking to keep expenses down after the holidays too.

Whether your night in consists of a solo pamper session, a low-key romantic night for two or a dinner party with your dearest friends, why not bring out your inner mixologist with some of our spectacular St. Regis cocktail recipes? Or pop open a bottle of St Regis Non-Alcoholic Brut or Kir Royal for no reason at all! These bubbles pair just as well with face masks and true crime documentaries as they do with a gourmet feast and a celebratory toast. Offering thoughtful, creative alcohol-free options to your guests is a lovely way to show that great drinks are for everyone and the best way to ensure that everyone gets home safely. The coming year affords us all the opportunity to learn more, explore new challenges and do better for ourselves and everyone around us. Removing the stigma surrounding conversations about sobriety and creating a safe space for anyone who is struggling with or questioning their relationship with alcohol is a beautiful thing. Cheers to 2020!