Lysandre Nadeau celebrates a year of sobriety with St. Regis

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Lysandre Nadeau, Québec influencer and tv personality, is celebrating her first year of sobriety today in collaboration with St. Regis. In a video clip produced by Dreww and Urbania, Lysandre openly and candidly shares her past relationship with alcohol. Its touching vulnerability will certainly cause many people to think about their personal consumption and could even encourage some to choose a healthier lifestyle.

It was following the numerous denunciations that took place during the summer of 2020 that Lysandre questioned herself and that an introspection allowed her to see that her alcohol consumption had become toxic and could jeopardize her relationships with others. As a result, she decided to completely cut out all alcoholic beverages from her daily life and satisfying her cravings and habits by consuming de-alcoholic products.
“When I realized that Lysandre Nadeau was celebrating her one-year sobriety as the all-new St. Regis de-alcoholized Spritz hit the shelves, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to recount the journey of Lysandre's relationship with alcohol. I'm very proud of this project, ”says Andrew Johnson, executive producer at Dreww.

In December 2020, she collaborated for the first time with St. Regis, a company offering a wide selection of de-alcoholized wines and sparkling wines able to delight the most discerning palates. The campaign titled "Without Moderation" aimed to educate consumers on the de-alcoholized alternatives available to celebrate during this usually "drunken" time of the year. As Lysandre adores St. Regis products and they have been such an integral part of her sobriety journey, it seemed a natural fit for Lysandre to collaborate with the company again to celebrate her first year of sobriety. We even see her consuming their brand new product in the video: a de-alcoholized Spritz.