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Stevens Dorcelus, 2021 winner of the popular Quebec reality-tv show Occupation Double, looked back on his career which, before being known on TV, was an athlete who had made his way to the Olympics.

His determination and perseverance allowed him to win the title of Canadian long jump champion in 2019. However, his journey also included some more difficult moments following an injury. No one reaches the top without experiencing some pitfalls along the way. Thanks to his exemplary mental strength, he was able to find the will to persevere.

After 10 years of experience as an athlete, Stevens knows how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle and self-control and the impact that a drunken night out with friends can have on the performance of the next day in competition.

One of his healthy habits is the choice to consume St. Regis de-alcoholized wines which allows him to have a drink with friends, without moderation!

Stevens Dorcelus is "Sober Curious" and he has much to be proud of!