Tasting notes

The St. Regis dealcoholized Brut is a dry, golden yellow sparkling wine featuring floral, fruity and citrus notes layered over delicate and persistent effervescence. Made with a fine selection of Chardonnay grapes using traditional methods, our master winemakers have created a remarkable product that doesn’t compromise on taste to dazzle even the most discerning palates. Make every occasion a memorable one with this medium-bodied Brut that unveils a lively acidity, rounded balance and broad texture.

  • Grape variety(ies) 100% selected Chardonnay grapes
  • Colour Golden yellow
  • Degree of alcohol Less than 0.5%
  • Sugar content N/A
  • Calories 100 calories/250ml compared to 190 calories/250ml for an alcoholized version


  • Floral
  • Fruity
  • Mineral




  • Acidity: Lively
  • Sugar perception: Delicately sweet at 4%
  • Texture: Broad
  • Body: Medium-bodied


Suggested pairings: On its own, a flute of St. Regis Brut is spectacular, but mix it with fruit, juices and herbs for an irreverent and effervescent cocktail. Not bound to special occasions, the St. Regis Brut can be paired with everything.

Best served cold between 8°C/46°F and 10°C/50°F. Once open, keep refrigerated and consume within 48 hours.

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